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Customers reward great service

If you deliver exceptional service to your customers, they will reward you with their loyalty. Good service tells your customers that you value them, respect their time and their decision to spend their money with you. Keeping them happy is a priority.   

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Make customers connections

Put your customers first by connecting with them whenever and however they like - be it WhatsApp, email, social media, chat to telephone. Make sure your customers can connect outside of office hours. In the 21st century, omni-channel is everything.

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A CRM with built-in telephony

Make customer connections seamless. With 1Stream CRM's built-in telephony, your team works off a single platform reducing the cost of technology and training. And the best part? Improved customer service. It's a win all round.       

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AI is enhancing customer service

Not every query needs an agent. Advanced self-service is the innovative solution giving customers a quick way to resolve their queries, making them feel in control. Improved service at a reduced cost. 

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1 Solution for your Business 

Your whole organisation will benefit from 1Stream CRM . When a service query is lodged, workflow automatically assigns tasks to members of the sales, delivery or other relevant team who can update the system as soon as they complete their tasks. Customer queries are resolved quickly and easily.

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Strive for constant improvement

Constantly looking for ways to improve service levels? Our up-to-date reports & easy-to-use dashboards are the answer. Identify issues, make immediate adjustments and build long-term customer relationships.

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